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Project “Cross-border intervention of the units of South Moravian Region and Lower Austria in case of natural disasters”

Team ÖsterreichAustria has a very large and professional base of volunteers. During protection during natural disasters in 2007, Austrian Red Cross and Ö3 developed a tool by means of which it is possible to coordinate spontaneous volunteer aid during natural disasters effectively. This “Team Östereich” is still available by means of a large database of educated volunteers. Also in the Czech Republic there are volunteers who support the professional forces during natural disasters but volunteers in Austria and the Czech Republic are not fully sufficient with requirements on both sides. Therefore these common areas must be interconnected in order to enable exchange of experience and improve the cross-border cooperation.

Team ÖsterreichWithin the scope of the project, a coordinated base of a great number of volunteers called TEAM MORAVA will be created who will be able to participate in solving of emergency and crisis situation in South Moravian Region. These volunteers will be registered in the database where they will be listed according to the area where they will be engaged for solution of an emergency situation (technical work – flood control measures, health – assistance with categorising of ill people, psychological and social). The volunteers will be trained: occupational health protection and work safety, first aid basics and also special trainings according to their categorisation in the individual groups of aid. For fast activation of volunteers, a system of text messages will be introduced which will enable to call the volunteers by means of text messages in case an emergency situation occurs thanks to the created database of volunteers in the individual work groups.

Partners of the project:

The leader partner of the project is Austrian Red Cross, the project partner 1 is South Moravian Region, the project partner 2 is Lower Austria and the project partner 3 is Diecézní charita Brno.

Objective of the project:

The main objective is especially to increase sensitivity of the inhabitants for preparedness for crisis and improvement of the cooperation possibilities with the targeted preparation of engagement of volunteers in crisis situations in the cross-border areas.

The same importance is also attributed to extension of the existing base of volunteers for protection against natural disasters and creation of clear communication and cooperation structures between unorganised and organised volunteers in the border areas.


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